Late night

Bottle Service

Price: Bottles starting at $210 plus tax (13%) and gratuity (15%)
Guest List: VIP entry until 12:30am (Does not include NYE or any Special Events) 
Requirements: One bottle per four people
  – 1 Bottle of your choice including all mixes & garnishes (additional charge for Monster Energy drinks if requested.)
  – Complementary cover charge and coat check
  – 1 VIP booth for the evening
  – Additional 4 wristbands granting VIP area entry to guests of bottle
     service group
Monster Bus
Price: Depends on location (typically $15 – 25 per person)
Guest List: N/A

Requirement: 15 people minimum

  – Ride to and from Rusty’s on Rusty’s Monster Bus (Modified school
     bus with a VIP area, flat screen TV’s, “fire persons safety pole”,
     gnarly sound system and more).

  – Monsters on the bus
  – Complementary drink at Rusty’s (no alcohol is permitted on the bus)
  – Glow sticks

Rates :
Blue Mountain Area – $10 per person
Collingwood/Thornbury – $15 per person
Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

Guest List
Price: $30/person

  – VIP entry until 1:00am  (Does not include NYE or any Special Events) 
  – Front of the line access for coat check (at beginning and end of the night)
  – Complementary cover and coat check